Employee Free Choice Act -- Things To Avoid During Union Organizing Campaign

When faced with a union organizing drive, employers are usually quick to react, and begin an informal campaign discouraging employee membership in the union.  However, employers must be mindful of their obligations, and their employees' rights, under the National Labor Relations Act.  When faced with a union organizing campaign, remember to avoid these "TIPS":

T - Threats - Do not threaten employees that there will be a strike or they will lose their jobs because of the union. These are possibilities and must be explained as such.

I - Interrogation - Do not ask how an employee feels or intends to vote on the union question. Do not put him or her in a position where he/she must tell you his/her feelings about a union.

P - Promises - Do not promise any benefit to an employee.  It will be construed as an attempt to buy his or her vote.

S - Surveillance - Do not spy on union meetings or conversation.