Update . . .

It appears that Congress’ attention has turned from vetting and passing EFCA to more pressing matters such as healthcare and a possible second stimulus bill—despite President Obama’s contention that a second one is not needed at present. Now, this does not mean that congress will not give EFCA its due, but it seems that, at present, it has taken a very back seat. In fact, it might be off the bus. 

EFCA’s current place in Congress means that it is not likely anything will get done before the year is over and then who knows what will happen next year with midterm elections just 11 months after the New Year. So, while we would love to track the pundits comments about EFCA, it is simply not doing any of our readers any good for us to report on what others are saying when nothing it likely to get done in Congress. To this end, we have decided to take our Blog offline. 


Taking the Blog offline does not mean that we will not continue to track EFCA, it just means that we will not be posting on a regular basis until there is. The Firm will continue to prepare its Alerts on important changes in employment and labor law and will forward such Alerts to current subscribers of the Blog.


I want to personally thank my Office Managing Partner, Theodore Eisenberg, for his support and encouragement. Jennifer DaCosta and Lee Sevier must also be given significant credit for getting this Blog off the ground, for if it were not for their leg work, what you see would not be. Many thanks also go out to Darren Rumack for his endless posts when personal matters made it difficult for me to post. Lastly, Marvin Weinberg and the rest of the Blog team has provided great support throughout the time the Blog has been up. I truly could not have accomplished as much with the Blog without them.


So, until there is more to report, we say goodbye for now.