EFCA - Antithesis to Democracy?

The right of workers to vote for or against union organization without fear and intimidation will be a thing of the past if Barack Obama is elected President of the United States of America. Obama is a known supporter of The Employee Free Choice Act, which proposes, among other things, to eliminate workers’ rights to a secret ballot if “one more than 50%” of workers sign off on a card check. Under this proposed Act, once a majority card check is obtained, the union is certified and there is no right to a secret ballot. Thus, there is no review process in place to determine the circumstances under which the card checks were signed. This gives unions free reign to intimidate workers without fear of consequence.

There is a reason America provides for a private voting system in our elections- democracy. In order to ensure a fair election, systems have to be put in place to avoid voter intimidation. If the Act is so enacted, unions will have free reign to obtain card checks in any manner they see fit, because they will not have anyone to answer to once they obtain "one more than 50%". The fact that a government, which is supposed to be democratic, would sponsor such a restraint on free will, begs the question of what will happen to the privacy rights of those voting in general elections? If one party can obtain a majority of signatures, will we automatically establish that person as President and take away the right to a vote free from intimidation? Thus, in November, it will be decided if workers will be able to exercise their vote free from intimidation and, as such, whether employers will have a fighting chance against union organization.