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In a comment to our last post, one reader wrote:

My husband works for UPS Freight, formerly Overnite Transportation, in Richmond, VA. He has seen first hand the results of a union vote based on the card check. The union did not talk to any road drivers who were formerly Overnite and concentrated on dock workers for their 50% card checkers. Once the vote date was set, only those who had signed under card check could even attend the Union meeting. As a result, 32 people voted in the union - clearly not a majority of the 141 affected by the vote. Many would not vote because a secret ballot was not available.

Do you know of anyone in Richmond Virginia who is following this debacle of modern democracy?


The EFCA Blog's Response:

Although we have not personally followed the story you reported, it is nonetheless emblematic of the downside of the card-check procedure, and the potential corrosive effects the EFCA (and card-checks) can have on fair unionization procedures, and ensuring a democratic workplace.

That said, you should not feel powerless in the wake of card-check procedures--any legitimate concerns should be reported to the National Labor Relations Board to ensure a fair union representation process. Another option is the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (located in Springfield, VA), which can also assist with issues relating to "forced" unionism.

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Richmond Jobs with Justice - February 2, 2009 7:18 PM

In the state of Virginia, workers are not forced to join a union but still benefit from being a union-represented shop. This isn't a good example anyway because UPS is already union and if they were folding these workers into the current bargaining unit then the Company (UPS) had to have agreed to recognize card check as part of that.

This would not be the case in most instances where workers want a union, since EFCA would be beneficially mainly for those that are in companies that are completely unrepresented. The workers would still have the option to choose a secret ballot but it would be THEIR choice, NOT THE COMPANY'S.

Daniel - February 12, 2009 6:56 PM

I have been through elections with card checks, and companies bring in "UNION BUSTERS" to fight against individuals signing he cards. Employees were FORCED to sit in on Union Busting meetings. There is very little the NLRB can do in this day and age. I have witnessed employees terminated for "other reason", but those reason were clearly due to union involvement. People are afraid for thier jobs and avoid the card checks in fear the company will find out and they will lose thier job, then thier house, families, and life. Sorry, but you are very bias and have never been on the "working" side of America. Lawyers are not exactly living check to check on $40K a year.

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