The EFCA is a Loser at the Polls

Article prepared by Darren Rumack and Brian Caufield.

For all the talk amongst labor unions about the importance of passing the EFCA and supporting pro-union candidates, unions have neglected to share one bit of information--the EFCA appears to be a hugely unpopular piece of legislation in some states. 

According to polling data presented by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, nearly two-thirds of voters in Colorado (68%), Maine (72%) and Minnesota (65%) oppose the passage of EFCA, and legislation that would eliminate private ballots in favor of card checks.

In what is sure to be a hotly contested election, the EFCA may become political dynamite for politicians who support the bill’s passage, particularly as awareness of what the EFCA actually entails grows amongst the electorate. 

Once again, the EFCA will be an issue to watch for this fall, and could become a bigger issue than anticipated in many swing states.