Unions seek power play in Washington State.

Although the Employee Free Choice Act has rightfully garnered much attention for the limits it would place on employers’ abilities to fight union organizing campaigns, organized labor is making a similar push on the state level to restrict employer options during attempts to organize the workplace. 

This blog has posted previous entries regarding state versions of the EFCA here and here, and now comes word of a new piece of legislation in the State of Washington that seeks to limit workplace communications.   The bill would ban employer communications about “matters directly related to candidates, election officials, ballot propositions, legislation, election campaigns, political parties, and political, social, community, and labor or other mutual aid organizations.” This could well limit an employer’s ability to make its case to workers during an organizing campaign.

Its hard to blame organized labor for seeking these changes that would make unionization an easier process for workers. Given the decline of the organized labor movement in this country in recent decades, unions are certainly not the indispensable organization in workers’ lives they once were. 

Really though, while unions have every right to make their lives earlier and to increase their membership, they need to stop hiding behind condescending phrases like “protecting employee’s free choice” or “protecting workplace privacy.” These are power grabs—pure and simple, and has nothing to do with improving the lots of workers in this country.

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christopher - October 26, 2008 11:57 PM

The problem with the way union votes are done now, is the intimidation, and threats that companies make to their employees about joining unions. Companies dont want unions cause it gives their employees a decent standard of living, which all working men and women should have for their families. The argument of people againts the EFCA is that there is no secret vote, well what if after the majority of cards were signed a secret vote could be had the very next day, not 40 days later?? well the anti labor forces still would find something wrong with the EFCA. Its not the lack of a secret vote that scares pro-business anti worker people, its just an excuse for them to use, its the rights and power that workers will obtain from joining a union that these anti worker people fear. plain and simple, with the EFCA the terrorist actions of companies and their anti union firms they hire to squash unions will no longer work, and once again the middle class will be strong again, and make this country what it use to be when it had a strong middle class. Without unions we will have no middle class, and without a middle class this country will be weak, and no better than a 3rd world country. Vote union yes, for you and your family, and your country!!

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